Fabric Haul

1. Fabric Haul

Yesterday I went on a short trip to Copenhagen where I purchased the fabrics shown in the image below (except for the one far right. This one I found in Helsingborg).Fabrics

Mostly I find my fabrics at a store called Boutique Mansfield in the city I live in, Helsingborg, but occasionally I go to Skipper Stoffer in Copenhagen, as done yesterday. There was a lot of beautiful fabrics to choose from but I managed to limit myself and my picks are, as seen, summery and somewhat floral.

The only two fabrics I already planned and have found the pattern for is the pink ones (number 3 and 7 from the left); summery dresses in small sizes… very small sizes! 😉

The first fabric is inspiring me to make an ankle dress that is quite simple at the front but at the back it expands with a refined wide fold. This pattern shouldn’t be to difficult to construct. Maybe I’ll start sketching it tonight already!

The second fabric, the one with rose prints, could also turnout to become a nice dress but completely different from the above-described. We’ll see…

The silk fabric I got five meters of. I’m doing ONE dress out of all of this… don’t know how it’s gonna look so we’ll see about that one too!

The second and last cotton from Liberty of London should of course be made into a shirt/blouse. I was thinking of a more cooler look. We’ll see…

And when it comes to the white viscose… I really don’t know. All I knew, ones I touched it, was I that had to get it before it runs out! It feels amazing!

This, good folks, seems to be the end of my very first blog post and with this I hope you get curious about my creativity in the summer of 2017 and keep on following me! 🙂 Bye Bye!


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