2. What I’ve been up to recently

Sunday 28/5

For the past week I have not been sewing at all. I spent my spare time shifting rooms. Sewing requires a lot of space, why I decided to move my living room to the sewing room and the other way around. The sewing room is now a work space and a walk in closet – all in one – and the living room a lot smaller than before and it honestly turned out to be much more cozy this way. I never thought this semi-corky idea would result in such a satisfaction. I like my apartment much better the way it is now and I’m forever thankful for all the help that I got (BB – ni är grymma!)!

But it’s not all done yet. I ordered a shelf to store all my gadgets in. Maybe I’ll show you around once I arranged everything and it’s all settled up.

Making the pattern to the ankle dress I mentioned in my previous blog post turned out to be a lot harder than I initially thought it would. Since the print consists of big flowers and you wouldn’t wanna have them cropped or placed in a less attractive spot it doesn’t allow you to cut the fabric in normal order (that is what distinguishes handcrafts from mass-produced). I think I’ll have to go to the math here… Hopefully there is enough fabric to make an ankel dress (the print limits the length). Otherwise I’ll have to make it into a shorter version of what I had in mind.


mönster kl
The back of the first pattern.


I made a first pattern based on how I want it to look and then I will have to make adjustments due to the print. This will have to wait. All the moving around of the furniture has made me too tired to take on a challenge like this. You will probably read about a solution next week. Until then Bye Bye for now! 🙂


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