Baby clothes and children's wear

3. Baby dress (Burda Style 7/2015)

I found a baby girl dress pattern in Burda Style 7/2015 that I just had to try. I made the dress in size 98 but now when it’s done it seems much bigger (longer) than that. The fabric that I chose is a pink cotton with floral embroidery.


Because it is somewhat transparent I doubled the fabric layer with a nude cotton voile at the upper part and the top flounce.

The ruffles are made to act as shoulder straps crossing the back before they’re attached.

The front and the back (the only thing left doing is to attach the push-bottoms).

DSC_0579It should be easy running around playing even when dressed up. This dress has an incredible width of 137 cm (a circumference of 2 times 137 cm = 274 cm).

DSC_0584Nice girls are wearing nice brands (The angel wears Kristina Asanin)! 😉

klänning sida

And finally, it’s finished waiting to be worn… 🙂



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