Jumpsuits · Spring Summer 2017

5. Jumpsuit – for the very first time

I’ve been wanting to create a jumpsuit for a very long time but because of the difficulties of making it fit lengthwise (the composition of the upper and the lower part) it hasn’t gotten off and I didn’t grasped that challenge… until now. Lately I so badly wanted a jumpsuit, a very feminine one that I could wear as an evening wear instead of a dress. So I finally grabbed it! And it all turned out quite nice.

Upper part
Upper part

Now, afterwards, I wish I’d lengthened (not widen) the middle part a little bit to increase the comfort and the latitude. I’m still very content with the final product, considering it was my very first sewn jumpsuit. I’ll know better in the future and the next time I’ll be sewing a jumpsuit I’ll extend the waist section by a few centimeters. I’m already planning for the next one! Stay tuned! 🙂


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