Jumpsuits · Spring Summer 2017

6. Jumpsuit – my second one

And so… there was a second jumpsuit – a quite different from the first one, a lot more playful; a (longer) playsuit! 😉

I immediately fell for the fabric once I saw it. Love at first sight! ❀ 98 % cotton and two percent elastane which makes it ideal for the type of one piece I was going for. This, beeing the second jumpsuit, I learned the importance of prolonging the garment vertically. I extended the basic pattern with one centimeter at three places, above and below the chest and at the hip.


As with all stretch fabrics you want to make sure that the seams, neckline and sleeve openings does not stretch out over time. Therefor I attached Vlieseline ribbons on the above mentioned sites. When compounding the fabric to the lining I even increased the ribbon establishment by overlocking the turning seam with quadrilateral stitch.


I love it when it gets a little bit exaggeratedly nerdy as when the pocket and pattern is matched perfectly! Can you see the pockets? 🙂



blÄ kanske nudÄ



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