Baby clothes and children's wear

9. The last summer piece

The last piece I sew during this summer vacation is a girl dress. This dress is made out of dotty viscose and lined with the thinnest possible cotton voile. The size should be somewhere in between 80 and 86 (I don’t really know since I made the pattern completely from scratch and I’m not used to make patterns for kids).

28 prickig fram


The back has a hidden “seamless” zipper: 28 prickig bak

Other girl dresses that I made includes a floral baby dress (as shown below) and the pink dress that I told you about earlier (blog post number 3).

28 röd sida
Baby dress
28 rosa
Detail from girl dress (blog post 3. Baby dress)

Now I’m having a little rest for a couple of days (before start working) and then I’ll be bringing up my autumn fabrics! 🙂

See you later! 🙂


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