Jumpsuits · Pre Fall 2017

11. Jumpsuit – my third (Pre Fall-17)

I was given some very nice fabrics from a relative in Serbia (HVALA! ❤ ) and I immediately thought of making a jumpsuit (more look of an overall) out of one of them. So why not jump right into the work(?)! This one, is more closed in view of the long sleeves and longer pants.… Continue reading 11. Jumpsuit – my third (Pre Fall-17)

Jumpsuits · Spring Summer 2017

5. Jumpsuit – for the very first time

I've been wanting to create a jumpsuit for a very long time but because of the difficulties of making it fit lengthwise (the composition of the upper and the lower part) it hasn't gotten off and I didn't grasped that challenge... until now. Lately I so badly wanted a jumpsuit, a very feminine one that… Continue reading 5. Jumpsuit – for the very first time